You are the Garden

Just like us, when our gardens are stressed from poor nutrition, dehydration or damp sogginess, over-crowding or temperature extremes, invading bugs will come and take over, creating an acute health problem. Did you know that in Traditional Chinese Medicine, we see the mind-body-spirit as a landscape or garden? Our job is to help you become... Continue Reading →

… loosen the hair and have a relaxed bearing

September is such a busy month, with acupuncture and herbal medicine  seminars, peer reviews and renewed focus and energy for ideas and projects. During a recent online forum, Robin Marchment shared this gem. It's a beautiful counterpoint to the busyness of the season. Great discourse on the four seasons and harmonising the spirit 四气调神大论篇第 春三月,... Continue Reading →

Bears in there? We’re Wildlife Aware

From the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association Ltd You may have seen last night’s Channel 7 Sunday Night feature on “Something About Mary” which informed viewers of Mary Hutton’s story. Mary is the founder of the ‘Free the Bears Fund Inc’ ( and has made it her mission to protect various species of bears... Continue Reading →

Asparagus. A cure for road-rage, rampaging and ranting?

Spring is upon us in this great land down-under, and springtime means fresh asparagus. Don't be fooled into thinking this classy vegetable grows naturally all year round. It doesn't. It's one of nature's sublime springtime treats, best when its hidden, subterranean parts had the pleasure of a good, cold winter. So what about the road-raging... Continue Reading →

My on-going professional development is good for you

Like all health professionals, natural medicine practitioners must dedicate themselves to a life-time of observation, study, and inquiry. The benefits to our patients and clients are innumerable. This year I spent a semester tutoring 2nd year acupuncture students. Imparting one's knowledge, and needing to be ten steps ahead of our students kept me on my... Continue Reading →

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