… loosen the hair and have a relaxed bearing

September is such a busy month, with acupuncture and herbal medicine  seminars, peer reviews and renewed focus and energy for ideas and projects. During a recent online forum, Robin Marchment shared this gem. It's a beautiful counterpoint to the busyness of the season. Great discourse on the four seasons and harmonising the spirit 四气调神大论篇第 春三月,... Continue Reading →

Asparagus. A cure for road-rage, rampaging and ranting?

Spring is upon us in this great land down-under, and springtime means fresh asparagus. Don't be fooled into thinking this classy vegetable grows naturally all year round. It doesn't. It's one of nature's sublime springtime treats, best when its hidden, subterranean parts had the pleasure of a good, cold winter. So what about the road-raging... Continue Reading →

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