Labour induction, fear, the cascade of interventions… and a new study

August through to October are busy times for acupuncturists, as we're often seeing women in the last few weeks of pregnancy. An over-riding concern some women have by this stage is that their Obstetrician has started talking about needing to induce labour, usually "at 38 weeks". In recent years women have disclosed how anxious and... Continue Reading →

Planning for a baby? Deep-nurture can start before your little one’s a twinkle in your eyes

Mindfulness, nutrition, love, the energies of the universe... and our unborn children An exploration of pre-conception care There are so many sources of information for couples who wish to conceive, ranging from medical, to naturopathic, through to deeply spiritual, that we could spend a year researching them. Interestingly, the traditions and science of Chinese Medicine... Continue Reading →

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