What doctors should do – but don’t – when their colleagues are “impaired or incompetent to practice medicine” (via The Ethical Nag)

Carolyn Thomas reports these recent American findings. Is the situation similar in Australia? I believe it is, based on my experiences as a Registered Nurse, and more recently, the train-wreck which was the care my mother received in two hospitals last year. How would you respond as a patient, if you felt your Doctor was... Continue Reading →

Did Big Pharma fund the swine flu panic? (via The Ethical Nag)

Carolyn Thomas at The Ethical Nag takes a look at the conflicts of interest between Big Pharma and the WHO's management of the so-called swine flu pandemic. The British Medical Journal dropped a bombshell this month when its features editor Deborah Cohen teamed up with journalist Philip Carter of The Bureau of Investigative Journalism. Together, they found... Continue Reading →

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