Summoning the winds of change…

Well, not quite summoning...but certainly exploring, discussing and reflecting. I'm so lucky to have six blogging friends who form The Health and Happiness Collective, and together, we share our unique perspectives and reflections. For the next couple of weeks, we're visiting the theme of Change. First up, we have Ananda Mahony at Vitale, with Confessions... Continue Reading →

Be sure to read the full article. The concept of the Tao – The Way – can be applied to life, health, and economics!

NO LONGER ACTIVE: Better Nature: books and commentary by Geoff Davies

[See this article at philosophers.posterous, adapted from the first chapter of The Nature of the Beast]

… Taoism arose from the close observation of nature and people.  It distills a higher wisdom than either of the crude world views that dominated the twentieth century.  We can aspire to create economies that transcend the crude and unhealthy economic systems that arose from those twentieth century world views, and that provide for and nurture a healthy balance in the lives of people and societies. …

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Thank-you for visiting. Visitors and readers are the lifeblood of spaces like this, and are part of the warp and weft of a good blog. In our stories and conversations, we weave a tapestry of shared experience, knowledge and wisdom. These pages are for you... tell us.... what would you like to see, hear and... Continue Reading →

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