Heatwave salad

Too hot to think? Too hot to move? Need to feel cool and cleansed? Too tired to read a recipe? May I present... Easy carrot salad!!! It goes well with other salads And on cooler days and nights, is lovely with pan-fried haloumi or eggplant slices. For added protein, throw in a handful of nuts.... Continue Reading →

You belong here

Thank-you for visiting. Visitors and readers are the lifeblood of spaces like this, and are part of the warp and weft of a good blog. In our stories and conversations, we weave a tapestry of shared experience, knowledge and wisdom. These pages are for you... tell us.... what would you like to see, hear and... Continue Reading →

Asparagus. A cure for road-rage, rampaging and ranting?

Spring is upon us in this great land down-under, and springtime means fresh asparagus. Don't be fooled into thinking this classy vegetable grows naturally all year round. It doesn't. It's one of nature's sublime springtime treats, best when its hidden, subterranean parts had the pleasure of a good, cold winter. So what about the road-raging... Continue Reading →

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