Scentual Sunday

Each Sunday, Amanda Feeley at Essentual Alchemy shares some of the best music ever composed. Amanda composes and creates completely beautiful, intriguing and evocative perfumes. I hope you enjoy her sublime choice of renaissance music today.

Natural world mathematics ‘…a whisper or a glance…’

Visit Nikki Graziano's site. Nikki says she is observing the "mathematics within our universe"; a "quick correspondence between the disciplines of art and mathematics", offering images which are a "whisper or a glance". Go here to see her work. Nikki and many others are interested in natural world fractals; patterns seen in cauliflowers, clouds, snowflakes... Continue Reading →

Oh beautiful beautiful virus

Many fellow WordPressers will be marvelling at these exquisite glass sculptures today. The photo is by the artist, whose representations of some well-known viruses and bacteria are currently showing in the UK. This is a stunningly created marriage of science and art, providing us with a peek into the microcosmos which is the world-within-our-world of... Continue Reading →

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