What’s up with that?! A gazillion embedded gold threads in somebody’s knees, and a media beat-up.

Recently, an X-Ray image has done the rounds of the interwebs. It first surfaced here and has been widely discussed by biomedical doctors, doctors of acupuncture, and the tabloid media. Do well-educated, AHPRA-Registered Acupuncturists practicing in Australia routinely treat osteoarthritis like this? No. And it's an assumption to think that we do. You can read... Continue Reading →

Bears in there? We’re Wildlife Aware

From the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association Ltd You may have seen last night’s Channel 7 Sunday Night feature on “Something About Mary” which informed viewers of Mary Hutton’s story. Mary is the founder of the ‘Free the Bears Fund Inc’ (www.freethebears.org.au) and has made it her mission to protect various species of bears... Continue Reading →

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