Midweek circuit breaker

There's no doubt about it; breath-focussed practices like pranayama can be 'just the thing' to bring us back to a quieter sense of self when we've been rushing all day, all week...all year. In clinic, I often suggest pranayama or the breathing practices you can find in many meditation apps. This week, Adriene Mishler shared... Continue Reading →

Saturdays in The Park

Yes! Saturday appointments are available with me at Soothe Acupuncture & Tui Na in Holland Park, Brisbane. My colleagues Adrian Jackson and Nathan Francis established this lovely, peaceful clinic over ten years ago. We can help you with these health concerns. Book online here. See you soon. ...and here's your sing-along-earworm for the week. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/_Mnw9uiYggU

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