Do sperm have a sense of smell, and what’s it got to do with Lily of the Valley and sea urchins?

During pre-conception care, one of the things I discuss with couples is the "fertile window", and that there's a lot of chemical signalling going on between sperm and the egg. In these discussions, essentially we're working to ensure that there will be several million healthy, active sperm waiting in the fallopian tubes before ovulation occurs, quietly communicating with the... Continue Reading →

Natural perfume- artistry and luxury

You might like to visit the blog  perfume pharmer, from Monica Miller of Skye Botanicals. Recently I became a guest reviewer there. I have the lovely job of reviewing fine, natural perfumes, a task entirely compatible with my philosophy for health and healing. Pleasure, art, beauty, sensuality... they're so important, yet in the modern biomedical... Continue Reading →

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