Before acupuncture appointments

Living and working with the reality of this pandemic means we've added procedures and processes to everyday acupuncture practice. This checklist enables me to ensure that every client who comes to see me in a Brisbane acupuncture clinic has been assessed for signs, symptoms and risk factors of potential infection with not just COVID-19 virus,... Continue Reading →

What have we here?

Soup? A painting? A view into deep space? A close-up of a petrie dish? If you guessed SOUP, you're correct! This is our version of Redeeming Green Soup with Lemon & Cayenne with apologies to Kate who created this recipe and photographed it so beautifully on her own site. A family member was feeling delicate,... Continue Reading →

More rice, lockdown angst and autumn bounty.

Recently I wrote about hot wet rice - comforting, nourishing dishes such as risotto and congee which are perfect for cool weather and this time of isolation and quarantine. Two of my friends have been enjoying rice-based dishes lately, and they're worth sharing. First up is Acupuncturist Sarah George in Launceston, Tasmania. Her risotto features... Continue Reading →

Returning to clinical practice during the pandemic

To keep you, me and our community as safe as possible, like so many of my peers the world-over I'm gathering as much information as I can. Today I've completed this 2:20 hour webinar, and earlier this year I received my Certificate of Acknowledgement for the Australian Government Department of Health COVID-19 Infection Control Training.... Continue Reading →

Hot wet rice*

With thanks to The Kates here in Australia for one of the funniest, satirical comedies, and an entire episode featuring "hot, wet rice" * aka The Thermomix episode. Anyway, this post isn't about kitchen appliances or comedy, it's about rice, in particular the unpolished red rice - mottakkaruppan rice - traditionally from Kerala. I found... Continue Reading →

What’s cooking?

The other night I overcooked a huge quantity of beautiful French - puy -lentils. That wasn't my intention. I love these little pulses: they don't need pre-soaking, they cook in 20 minutes, they're chewy and nutty and earthy, and they're the best lentils for tossing through a salad or a tray-bake. Sadly they lose their... Continue Reading →

Self-care at home

To support your health and well-being goals, we have all kinds of resources which we've created just for you. For some of you, exploring delicious ideas with wholefoods is a focus, for others it might be applying warming moxibustion to acupoints. Lifestyle, exercise and other activities are usually recommended and we'll ensure you have enjoyable,... Continue Reading →

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