A breakfast disaster

It looks okay, doesn’t it?

When I concocted this, the plan was to use some leftover quinoa, boost the protein content of the meal, and play around with black and white foods appearing together in a bowl of well-balanced flavour contrasts… you know, for Yin-Yang balance and all of that.

So what we have here is the quinoa, hemp protein powder, some blitzed cottage cheese, allspice, far too much maple syrup, and the saving graces- toasted coconut and sunflower seeds, and beautiful soft Australian prunes. I often use prunes wherever you’d use soft dates as they’re not dissimilar in flavour, texture and nutrients.

There’s too much maple syrup here because I overcompensated for the shock of the bitter hemp protein powder, and the only nice thing was the mix of textures and that lovely prune on top.

Despite the wildly unbalanced flavours, I ate all of it because it was a bowl of whole foods rich in nutrients, energy was used to grow, harvest, process, package, transport and prepare it, and food waste is a mindless act of privilege. And I was in a hurry.

Have you ever made and eaten a memorably awful meal?

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