What have we here?


A painting?

A view into deep space?

A close-up of a petrie dish?

If you guessed SOUP, you’re correct!

This is our version of Redeeming Green Soup with Lemon & Cayenne with apologies to Kate who created this recipe and photographed it so beautifully on her own site.

A family member was feeling delicate, washed-out and generally unwell.

They needed a light meal-in-a-bowl which would provide a little energy, fluids and green goodness: in particular magnesium, potassium and other minerals, folate and protein. This soup was just the thing!

At this time of year in Australia – autumn/winter – there’s plenty of silverbeet and kale at the markets so this is a cheap, seasonal meal. When a recipe calls for Swiss chard, I use silverbeet.

We didn’t have any cayenne in the pantry, so used a big shake of Mexican spice mix. We could also have used a little chipotle sauce or something else with a bit of kick to finish.

For an extra-sweet combination, next time instead of onions I’ll use leeks and golden French shallots as they’re also in season.

What’s your favourite go-to soup?

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