Fertility apps: are they any good?

Most Fertility Apps Miscalculate the Fertile Window

Web sites and electronic apps used by the general public to predict fertile windows are generally inaccurate, although the clinical effect of this inaccuracy is unknown. Although they all include the most fertile cycle day, the range of the fertility window varies widely. Patients who are trying to conceive with the assistance of calendars generated from web sites and electronic apps should be counseled [sic] on the inaccuracy of these modalities.

Obstetrics & Gynecology: July 2016 – Volume 128 – Issue 1 – p 58-63
doi: 10.1097/AOG.0000000000001341
Accessed: 8th August 2019

This has certainly been my observation.

The good news is that many Australian acupuncturists – like me – can teach and guide a woman to observe and understand her unique pattern throughout each cycle. This is always in the context of her existing medical care and support, and is not an alternative.

And what about male factors?

I’m glad you asked, as it’s often the case that couples belatedly discover a significant male factor at play if they haven’t been able to conceive after months of trying.

There are kits available for home-testing sperm counts; the pros and cons you can read about here.

Stay tuned for a podcast I’ll be sharing soon. It’s a fabulous conversation with an Australian researcher who’s worked extensively with women, helping them to understand their own fertility and cycles.

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