Walking is a superpower!

‘It’s a superpower’: how walking makes us healthier, happier and brainier

Neuroscientist Shane O’Mara believes that plenty of regular walking unlocks the cognitive powers of the brain like nothing else. He explains why you should exchange your gym kit for a pair of comfy shoes and get strolling.

O’Mara’s enthusiasm for walking ties in with both of his main interests as a professor of experimental brain research: stress, depression and anxiety; and learning, memory and cognition. “It turns out that the brain systems that support learning, memory and cognition are the same ones that are very badly affected by stress and depression,” he says. “And by a quirk of evolution, these brain systems also support functions such as cognitive mapping,” by which he means our internal GPS system.


I’m always encouraged by news like this.

For acupuncturists and complementary medicine practitioners (like me), understanding how and when people are moving and being active is an important part of our assessment and lifestyle guidance.

In the traditional language of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) being active is all about “moving and invigorating the Qi, Blood and Fluids”.

When we’re under-active, we don’t breathe deeply; our bodies might be sore and tight; we can feel weak and tired; our moods and sleep can be affected; appetite and metabolism aren’t optimal, and so it goes…

The full article is fascinating, exciting, and worth reading.

I hope it inspires you to head out for a walk.

I particularly enjoy a bayside walk with the wind in my face, or meandering along beside the local creek. If time-poor I’ll head to the shops on foot. The walk home incorporates simple weight-bearing exercise with the shopping bags.

Where are your favourite walking spaces?

Are your home and workplace located in places where you feel confident and safe to go walking?

If you have a disability, how feasible and safe is it for you to take a walk or enjoy activity outside?

Let us know with a comment.

If you’re looking for acupuncture Brisbane northside I’m available at Wilston and Kallangur-Northlakes. Acupuncture Brisbane southside you’ll find me at Holland Park.

You can book online, and if coming by car, there’s plenty of easy car parking available at all clinics. Holland Park and Wilston have good bus services.

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