Podcast favourites

Today I’m starting an occasional series where I share podcasts which I know some of you will want to hear.

I’m kicking off with AGEING GRACEFULLY, a meaningful conversation between Tiff Hall & Cass Dunn. I really like that they’re honest about their own experiences, and are empathetic, good-natured and supportive.

Tiff and Cass discuss the pressure on women to hold onto their youth and the fear many of us have of showing visible signs of ageing. Tiff explains what happens to our bodies as we get older and how we can stay fit and healthy while Cass shares that growing older also has many benefits as we shift our focus away from self-interest and onto how we can contribute to the world. Confronting our mortality is a frightening thought but ultimately prompts us to think about how we are living our lives and what it really means to age well.

This synopsis is from Tiff & Cass’ podcast series Crappy to Happy. Find it and listen here

It’s around 37 minutes long; perfect for listening during your daily commute, or when getting some exercise.

Do you have a favourite podcast? When do you like to listen?

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