Plum relish… a little tango for your tastebuds

The late summer stone fruits are with us, and being late in the season, are not as gorgeous as their earlier siblings.

So here’s a little dish which straddles late summer and early autumn, when the evenings are still warm, and the days humid.

Elegantly dice a couple of plums, and a couple of spring onions.

Place in a bowl, and add apple cider vinegar and some cold pressed, extra virgin nut or seed oil.
Usual ratio of oil : vinegar (or lemon or lime juice) is 2:1
Grind in some pepper. I think pink peppercorns would work beautifully here.

Add some chopped fresh dill.
At this point, decide (as I did) whether it needs a little seeded and diced cucumber.

Select some kind of greenery, which is perhaps a little bitter, and tender yet firm.
I used baby endive.
Roughly, yet kindly shred it.

Toss and serve.
Hey presto!
You have a cute little salad with piquant surprises in every mouthful.

It goes very well with a mackerel or salmon cutlet, and kipfler potatoes, boiled, sliced, and tossed in a little hot ghee and salt.

If your cardiologist faints at the thought of ghee, toss the potatoes in some very fine, “fruity” olive oil.

If you just want to make this as a fresh relish or salsa, add a little seeded, finely chopped chili, some freshly toasted ‘raw’ nuts, and some freshly picked coriander leaf (cilantro). You might like fresh lime juice here, instead of the apple cider vinegar. Fresh mint torn and tumbled through might be sublime.

I am hopeless at photographing cooked fish, so instead, here’s some excellent music; tight ensemble playing, fine musicians.


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