Image of the Week: Valentine’s Rose

Roses… I couldn’t resist reblogging this one!

Wellcome Trust Blog

Rose petal

Roses are red…or in the case of this week’s image roses are purple! And they look like sea creatures or psychedelic bubble wrap.

Believe it or not this week’s image is actually of a rose petal. This image was created by Annie Cavanagh and David McCarthy using a scanning electron microscope (SEM). An SEM uses a focused beam of electrons to produce an image of a sample; colour is then added to help viewers see the different elements more clearly. Annie and David’s use of these vibrant purples gives this image its sense of beauty and mystery.

Roses are thought to be one of the oldest flowers and they are thought to have first been cultivated in ancient Babylonia and Assyria before finding their way to Europe. It wasn’t until the early 19th century that rose breeding really took off, with people crossing all available roses. The result is…

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