What is healing, really?

My definition of healing is coming to terms with things as they are, so that you can do whatever you can to optimize your potential, whether you are living with chronic pain or having a baby. You can’t control the universe, so mindfulness involves learning to cultivate wisdom and equanimity— not passive resignation—in the face of what Zorba the Greek called the full catastrophe of the human condition.

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Image ©Margi Macdonald

4 thoughts on “What is healing, really?

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  1. Margi, thanks so much for this. This description of meditation as being aware of emotions and feelings, as we meditate for 15 minutes is just what I need at exactly this time. Very timely…

  2. this is much gentler than my definition…i keep looking for perfection (& wondering why i don’t get there!) I’d like to try & remember this one…Thanks Margi : )

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