Breast Cancer awareness…. made hot n’ cheeky

It’s October, and the breast cancer awareness pink ribbons are everywhere.

I don’t need to say anything, now do I ladies?

Just watch the video, and then do all the things these helpful gentlemen suggest.

Your life might depend on it.

ps: if you’re coy about watching men with wash-board abs, great arms, very cute butts and underwear, and a few nice moves, then you can go here for a more scientific explanation.

Disclaimer: Margi Macdonald writing at this blog Some Energy Thing does not advocate the specific use of the application featured in this video. The video is for your information. If you are uncertain about correct techniques for breast self-examination, have a concern about your breasts, or haven’t received a recent well-woman check-up, then you must see your family doctor.

For an intriguing general article about breasts and breast health, go here.

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  1. Hi Margi,
    A friend forwarded me another link to this video last week. I couldn’t put my finger on exactly why I feel so uncomfortably creepy while watching ‘hot’ men gyrating in their underpants. (Maybe I’m just “coy”?) But coincidentally, later on that very day, I happened to be participating in a webinar sponsored by Breast Cancer Action’s “Think Before You Pink” project, where the guest speaker was Dr. Gail Sulik, author of the book ‘Pink Ribbon Blues’. She was talking about this very video. Here’s what she says on her website about receiving the press release about this new campaign in her mailbox with the headline:

    “Hot Men Want You to Touch Your Boobs this October!”

    “About 3 seconds later it dawned on me: Someone is actually using this headline for Breast Cancer Awareness Month! I found out it was a phone app that reminded you to be screened for breast cancer, with ‘hot men.’ That’s it. Three things immediately went through my head:

    1. Someone’s going to get fired.
    2. Can you imagine a mastectomy survivor reading this and knowing that yet again, someone else is trying to push breast cancer only involving the …breast? Can you imagine her outrage wishing that she still HAD her breasts?
    3. They must be joking. It must be a catchy headline, (worked for me!) I’ll open it, a heartfelt apology will follow and they will be donating a huge amount to a well-known organization.”

    The whole article is at: Also, Think Before You Pink should be the first stop for any consumer before getting sucked into the whole Pinktober onslaught.

    On a similar vein, a Vancouver high school has banned breast cancer awareness month “I Love Boobies” rubber bracelets at the school. I would feel equally creeped out over those, an excuse to use the word “boobies” legally, most likely, lots of tee hee hee giggling in the school corridors over that one, I’ll bet….


    1. Hi Carolyn
      you raise valid points.
      I was aware this is an ad for an app, it’s very clear in the video, and in my disclaimer.
      I first knew of the video when it was sent to me by 21 yr old daughter, who is unfortunately in an extreme risk category for breast cancer.
      She, her 18 yr old sister and their friends love the video, and I’m all for anything which promotes the monthly habit of breast self examination from a young age.
      It’s not stated very often here on my blog, but my major area of clinical interest and expertise is providing evidence based adjunctive care and support to people who have cancer.
      Most of the people I help self-refer, and the majority are women under 50 who are at various stages in their cancer ‘journeys’.
      I’m also occasionally invited to speak to groups of women at our city’s major breast cancer support program, based in a well-regarded hospital.
      One of the things I’ve noticed over the years is that women who’ve had surgery, radiotherapy chemotherapy, and/or who are in on-going treatment, yearn for the normalisation of their sexual lives.
      Far too many suffer a total loss of interest in sex, due to the necessary medically induced menopause, and to a woman, they grieve for the sexual response they once had.
      They also share with me, their stories of how they and their partners live with this loss. More than one woman who’s had a mastectomy is ‘out there’ reading and viewing erotica, availing herself of all manner of sexual aids, and begging her oncologist to find a different combination of medications.
      Others do struggle with altered body image, and the fears they have about attractiveness, sexuality and self-worth.
      In my style of practice, longterm therapeutic relationships are the norm . I am privileged to provide effective treatment and support, and to become confidant to these women and men.
      One of the things I rarely see in the women I treat, is a loss of their sense of humour. More than once, I’ve been startled and left chuckling by frankly quite raunchy conversations and anecdotes shared by women with breast cancer.
      Maybe it’s an Aussie thing!
      I heard about the Canadian “I love Boobies” pink bands. I’m not sure we’ll see anything like those in our schools for some time!
      I’m no fan of raunch culture; I loathe that sex is used to sell almost anything; and I never watch or read porn, yet the rest of the world seems to be immersed in it.
      If a video like this one reminds my daughters to care for their breasts, in a manner which is engaging and humourous, then I’m happy – indeed compelled -to share it.
      To be frank, I don’t see it’s so very different in tone, from the comedian Billy Connolly’s famous account of his first-ever prostate examination.
      That’s on my blog here too.

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