I have a dream…

My dream is to provide brand-new beds and bedding for people who are doing it tough and need a helping hand.

Within our community so many families and individuals endure conflict and violence, disadvantage, housing and employment troubles, or mental health issues. For others, arriving in a new country under difficult circumstances is a profound challenge.

The day-to-day struggles of people in need are something we might imagine, yet clean, safe and hygienic beds and pillows – or cots and mattresses – must seem like an impossible dream for so many people who are starting over, or emerging from crisis or homelessness.

There are many kind and generous people in our community who regularly donate to charities, yet sourcing safe, hygienic bedding is an expensive and on-going challenge. Charities are often unable to accept donated bedding due to stains, odours, rips and tears, or missing bed legs or castors. Many older cots and travel cots no longer meet design standards for safety, and are unsuitable donations for little ones.

My dream is for children and babies to sleep peacefully in safe new cots. I’d love for their parents – who have struggled against all odds-  to meet each new day and its opportunites, refreshed after a good night’s sleep on new mattresses and pillows. My wish is that people who’ve previously been homeless can now enjoy the comfort of new beds. I hope for quiet and restful sleep in new beds, for those who’ve fled conflict, violence or war.

This $5000 SunSuper Grant can help make this dream a reality. All I have to do to win the grant, is get the most votes! Here’s where you vote.

I’ve chosen GIVIT to receive the grant.

Each week GIVIT receives urgent requests from community workers and case managers who assist vulnerable, impoverished or marginalized families and individuals. Cots, beds, mattresses and pillows are a recurrent need.

By providing new bedding, GIVIT can help to free-up valuable human and financial resources for other uses, and ease the burden carried by people who are doing it tough.

To affirm the dignity and value of each member of our community, GIVIT is committed to providing new and quality items to each recipient.

Thank-you for voting for my dream.  It’s now your dream too. Please invite your friends to vote and join us, and share with your Facebook and Twitter followers.

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