It’s been a bit quiet over here…

Here’s why…

I tree-changed out of the inner city, and now more than ever before, notice the seasons and the light, and more stars in the night-sky and native birds in the trees.

I have trouble dragging myself back into the city.

I decided to live without a telly, a tumble dryer and a dishwasher but joined Twitter and discovered iView. I’ve played with another level of flexible and easy information-gathering ever since.

For the winter I took up my favourite cool-weather pastime, and began a knitting project, which soon earned the title ‘Patience Cardigan’.  I learned that the ability to knit complex patterns and manage skeins of wool is a handy pointer to the state of one’s mind.

More to follow on the Patience Cardigan, and scattered information-overloaded-minds in a near-future post. Yes, we will explore mindfulness, technology and social media. Or something like that.

So now, with spring’s arrival heralded by the first jasmines of the season, it’s time to harness the energy gathered and regenerated during winter, think of new things to do, find new ways of doing old things, and mess about with some spring cleaning.

It was a cold-enough winter that the teachings and wise counsel of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine – the foundations of my work – reminded me that the wish to hibernate and avoid salads was of course, simply a basic biological need, even for this busy human first-world primate.

How did you manage winter this year? For our northern friends, I’m curious to know how you approach autumn and the coming winter?

2 thoughts on “It’s been a bit quiet over here…

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  1. Sounds like you are walking softly to the country & I love that. Up here where the curtains can freeze, I too think of sweaters, & the thought process of learning to knit runs through my brain every time you mention it…but I think this one would be beyond me!

    1. Hi Dabney,
      yes, softly, and with less. Deliberately.
      I still can’t imagine a winter with frozen curtains.
      Anyone can knit, though some do end up capable only of accidentally abstract pieces.

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