Natural perfume- artistry and luxury

You might like to visit the blog  perfume pharmer, from Monica Miller of Skye Botanicals.

Recently I became a guest reviewer there.

I have the lovely job of reviewing fine, natural perfumes, a task entirely compatible with my philosophy for health and healing.

Pleasure, art, beauty, sensuality… they’re so important, yet in the modern biomedical context, are rarely valued as keys to healing.

So far I’ve reviewed My Gardenia by skilled, sensitive Australian perfumer Ambrosia Jones, of Perfume by Nature and Orchid by esteemed natural perfumer, Mandy Aftel of Aftelier Perfumes.

I purchase samples of the perfumes I review; it keeps me objective, and it supports artists who are working in one of the most costly realms of all artistic endeavour.


Image: © Copyright Pete Wise and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

2 thoughts on “Natural perfume- artistry and luxury

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  1. Ambrosia: your skill and sensitivity- it’s the truth.
    Aren’t we fortunate to have Mandy’s ‘Orchid’ to keep us inspired?

  2. “Skilled, sensitive perfumer”…you call that objective, grin!
    Mandy’s Orchid is a lovely thing though, I have some of that here and it is pretty special…..

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