Brisbane Flood Recovery


Today our city slowly reveals herself from beneath the muddy, watery horror of the flood.

We’ve seen an extraordinary flow of generosity, willing hands and thousands of people mucking-in to help total strangers restore their homes and businesses to something resembling normal.

The physical presence and reminders of this flood will recede in time, yet we know that the emotional scars and psychological trauma will be on-going.

Lifeline is supporting people who have  post traumatic stress, anxiety and depression, and needs your help. Donate here.

My family and I survived the complete destruction of our home and way of life when Cyclone Tracy tore Darwin to pieces on Christmas Eve 1974. We moved to Brisbane in January 1975, with the memory of Brisbane’s catastrophic flood of 1974 so vivid in the minds of Brisbanites. All these years later, we feel for those who have seen cherished homes and businesses inundated. We cannot comprehend the grief and shock felt by families and friends of the men, women and children lost to the floodwaters.

To help people heal emotionally, psychologically and physically, many acupuncturists and healers are offering our services free-of-charge, or at concessional rates. I am one of these practitioners.

If your family home or business was inundated, please know that you can receive a half hour Reiki healing free-of-charge with me at the Wooloowin clinic.

Reiki is a simple, pure healing method  which uses the universal life force to enable healing to unfold. It requires no faith or spiritual belief, and demands nothing of the giver or receiver.  A Reiki healing involves a gentle conversation before you lie comfortably fully clothed on the treatment table. Reiki healers gently place our hands on or just above your head, shoulders, chest, stomach, arms, legs, feet and hands so you can receive the warmth and peace of your healing. People who receive hands-on Reiki healing feel deeply relaxed during and after the session, and can usually feel the deep warmth or energy of the healer’s hands. Some people see beautiful colours or shapes during their healing, or drift and dream in a place somewhere between sleep and wakefulness. Reiki is nurturing, restorative, calming and positive in its scope.

I welcome you into this place of healing.

Contact Margi Macdonald here and read about the terms and conditions of the offer of free Reiki and discounted acupuncture here at FloodDiscounts




‘Flood’ goes under at the Powerhouse. Submitted by Andy Norris to the ABC here

Healing Hands. Source and artist not stated.






3 thoughts on “Brisbane Flood Recovery

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  1. That is a wonderful way to help those who have suffered, Margi. A very generous and useful offering on your part. I’m glad the waters are receding. The job ahead must seem incomprehensibly large for those who have had their homes destroyed. The assistance given by volunteers has been so lovely and once again our wonderful Aussie spirit has been displayed for the world to see.

  2. So glad you are OK- been worried about you.
    Take care and extend my hands in friendship to Brisbane. The pictures of the flood are horrifying, but the people in those same pictures are galvanizing in their determination, courage and good humor.
    Take care,

    1. Thank-you Lynn.
      We’re so fortunate in our part of Brisbane as we live on ridges and hills.
      We are unscathed, and it’s been quite a surreal experience for those of us who’s homes and workplaces have been untouched.
      Aussies are truly remarkable.
      Many thousands of volunteers gave up their weekend to clean foul mud and wreckage from the homes and businesses of total strangers, and will continue to clean up and restore our city.

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