New year. New decade. New resolve?

Fireworks on [Sydney?] harbour

We’re all doing it… planning the next year in our professional and personal lives, reflecting upon the decade that was, and toying with the perennial to-do list of new year’s resolutions.

I’ve planned a new year’s post, grappled with ideas that might be original and meaningful, and can only think of fireworks, Handel’s music, and a blank screen. Thankfully serendipity and 21st century media have delivered two articles which go beyond typical weight loss, lifestyle, fitness and fiscal resolutions.

At Tiny Buddha Lori Deschene notes:

“Resolutions fail because they don’t emerge from true breakthroughs—they’re calendar-driven obligations; and they often address the symptoms, not the cause of our unhappiness.”

At The Huffington Post Levi Ben-Shmuel offers 10 Questions to Empower You in 2011. I’ve already printed these thoughtful questions, and am starting with #3.

My own feeling is that 2011 and the new decade are harbingers of profound change.

It’s time to discern the difference between tradition, habit and sentimentality, to deliberately create and embrace change, and to make both tiny and giant leaps of faith. We need to be brave, assured, and pure-of-heart-and-mind.

Ordinarily, in the transition from one year to the next I feature Handel’s Music for the Royal Fireworks, but this time we’re doing something different. It’s fantastic on full screen.

What do you think? Share your plans and dreams with a comment.


The image Fireworks on [Sydney?] harbour circa 1930

Format: Glass plate negative.

Rights Info: No known restrictions on publication.

Repository: Thomas Lennon Photographic Collection, Powerhouse Museum

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