A rose in any form

Chartres Cathedral — rose window

Why do we love roses?

Blue roses – yes or no?

What fragrance would a blue rose carry?  Sweet, ethereal and fresh, or oddly un-rosey?

Tell us what you think and feel about the idea of a blue rose, or an other rose.



Chartres Cathedral-rose window. Dimitri B on Flickr. Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

blue_rose. elbfoto on flickr. Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic


Composer: Elena Kats-Chernin (1957- )
Performers: Nicola Sweeney (violin) & Sarah Nicolls (piano)

6 thoughts on “A rose in any form

Add yours

  1. I think of blue and think of coolness, whereas roses seem warm, with memories of mothers and grandmothers and their gardens. Thinking of Roses, I remember the smell of Grandma Lovell’s roses and of her singing “Paper Roses” (which was quite a sad song. I was wondering the other day, why she sang that, if she was sad, or just liked the song.) She’d let me pick rose petals and go into her shed, and make “perfumes” with the petals and water, in cute little glass bottles.
    So for me the blue rose seems wrong as I can’t imagine making a perfume from “blue”, it seems too cold, whereas all my Rose memories are warm.

    It is interesting to me why people would want/like blue roses. Is it the difference, or something far more unsettling?

    1. Interesting… many find the idea of the blue rose so unsettling!
      Those are sweet memories. Thanks for sharing them with us Jan!

    1. Hi Brigid
      so glad you came by. I’ve just skipped over to your blog and wandered through your posts.
      Loved the way you described your mind in the early days of meditation ‘training’.
      Yes, a blue rose like this is quite disturbing.
      I think our innate pharmacognosy knows there’d be something wrong with a rose of this particular colour.
      I’m wondering if there’s a relationship between the plant pigment which would make this colour, and some kind of toxin.
      We already know that the trade-off for having roses for the cut-flower industry – with sturdy, uncrushable petals – has been the loss of their glorious perfume.
      For me, a rose without scent is a wistful, empty expression of only part of a rose’s true beauty.
      For others reading along, click on Brigid’s name, and you’ll find some gems over there at ‘Kookaburra’.

  2. With THAT color blue; ‘blueberries’ crowds everything else out of my mind. But with rose tones of ‘lower’ notes like from a rugosa or bourbon.

    1. Blueberries!
      I hadn’t thought of them at all!
      I like your idea of the lower notes in combination with the berry.
      [Un] fortunately my mind had wandered off, imagining the vaguely unsettling synthetic fragrance that might be created to represent a blue rose.
      So glad you dropped in Dabney.

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