Music is Basically Sex for your Ears (via Esscentual Alchemy)

Amanada Fslangaltrot at Esscentual Alchemy has more than two senses covered with this delicious, soul-soothing, slow-moving sensual post.

Why do you think Amanda and I understand that music is basically sex for your ears?

Where else in your body do you feel this music? Or is your response more emotional than physical?

Which of Amanda’s favourites is your favourite, and why?

Let us know with a family-friendly, G-rated comment!

Music is Basically Sex for your Ears I have been challenged to write a blog post about this topic, which I realized today, when providing a friend with some comfort music. And so I take up my keyboard!  En Garde! Listen to this piece of music by George Frederic Handel ~ Sarabande.

Doesn’t your brain just want to melt into puddles?  Mine does.  H … Read More

via Esscentual Alchemy

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