Pain is the biggest moral issue in Australia today

Professor Michael Cousins, AM, a world authority on pain and its management considers pain is the biggest moral issue in Australia today.

For people living with chronic pain, life becomes so much more than managing pain-relief medication, and ‘getting on with it’, as you can see in the image here.

Ours is not yet a culture which supports people living with persistent pain, a condition which can be severe and disabling, and which affects people physically, personally, and socially.

Last week I was accepted as a member of APMA – Australian Pain Management Association Inc

APMA’s work involves ‘providing practical health information, social, workplace and training support’.

APAM members are people living with pain, their families and friends, and health professionals.

There’s much we can do to help people who are affected by chronic pain.

Why not take a few minutes to explore the APMA

If you know someone who is struggling with pain persisting beyond three months, let them know that pain relief is a basic human right.

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