Fragrant life

What have you smelt in the air around you today?

The room you’re in?

Your backyard?

Your neighbourhood?

On the body of your beloved, or your infant child?

How did you feel?

What did you think to do and say?

Which do you prefer to smell, and why?

Let us know with a comment, below.

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Today’s images

Trash by Fruggo 2004 Wikimedia Commons

Bouquet of Flowers in a Sculpted Vase Jan Frans Eliaerts 1761-1848 Web Gallery of Art

8 thoughts on “Fragrant life

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  1. All the many bizarre and strangely plastic scents in the shopping centre….(and no, I didnt go inside the perfume stores! Thats would be way too much artificial!)

    Oh, and lovely fresh coffee! I do love a good coffee…..

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