My on-going professional development is good for you

Like all health professionals, natural medicine practitioners must dedicate themselves to a life-time of observation, study, and inquiry.

The benefits to our patients and clients are innumerable.

This year I spent a semester tutoring 2nd year acupuncture students. Imparting one’s knowledge, and needing to be ten steps ahead of our students kept me on my toes, and honest!

I regularly participate in an international discussion group of scholars and practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

This year we’ve explored – amongst other things – difficult and tricky cases, H1N1 flu prevention and management, health reform, and the history of our medicine. I am in esteemed company there, and am regularly in awe of the accumulated knowledge, wisdom and experience of many contributors.

The year’s activities enabled me to reflect upon my style of practice, and the individualised care and attention I offer to people.

I’m confident the ability to understand and respect natural and traditional medicine without disregarding the discoveries of bio-medicine is not only safe and effective, it is the medicine of the future.


The image

A 19th century representation of the great Tang dynasty physician, scholar, doctor and medical ethicist – Sun Simiao. He’s the one sitting on the tiger.

He was the supreme physician. Read some more about him here, if you like.

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