Creativity, joy and youth

There’s always something quietly wonderful about being a parent.

My youngest offspring turned 16 recently, and I’m drinking in every moment of her blossoming, as she moves well beyond ‘kid’ to woman.

What has this to do with health and healing … and you?

During  the past 20 years I’ve learnt that expressing our creativity, and sharing it with others, is fundamental to life and to good health.

In our creative acts, we harness and move a primal, vital energy.

Sharing the results of our creativity, speaks to others, and communicates our innate connection with each other.

I’m not necessarily talking about the ‘big’ creative works of famous artists, authors or musicians. Rather, I’m thinking of the ‘little’ works, the ones which might look, smell and taste like a carefully prepared meal, a well-made cappuccino, the fun of messing about with pavement chalk on the back wall, of singing in the shower, of poking some flowers into a vase.

And yes, sometimes our kids do something special, and their creation becomes an affirmation of life and joy.

So, for your viewing pleasure, and to tweak a little smile into your day, I present to you, this stop-animation Circus Freaks, designed, crafted, produced, directed and animated by my daughter and several friends. You’ll find they acknowledged themselves, the pony and the musicians over there on YouTube. If you like the music, buy it. If you like the animation, tell us!

What did you create today?

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